Get your Cook Top Sparkling Again

I just discovered the best way to clean your glass cook top!

If you cook anything like I do, it never fails that I let something boil over or splatter all over my glass stove.  It's usually a result of getting distracted by fighting children or talking on the phone or getting lost in la-la land for a second too long.

It drives my husband crazy when there is burnt gunk stuck on the stove.  "We" (and by "we" I mean him) use the glass cook top cleaner that you can buy pretty much anywhere. But it always ended up in "us" scraping the crap off with a sharp knife and it never quite looking so great.

I discovered this little tip on (where I lose hours of my life) and tried it out the other day.  I was so excited that I messaged my hubby to tell him that I discovered the greatest way to clean our cook top.

Here's how it went....

Me: Honey, I just found the greatest way to clean our stove!!!

Him: You hired a cleaner?

Me: No smart*ss, and now I don't really want to share my secret with you!

But I will share it with all of you!

1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the top of your stove....

2. Wet some rags/tea towels so they are damp and cover the baking soda.

3. Let it sit like that for 15 mins and then wipe off the baking soda using the rags.

4. Use a clean, wet cloth to wipe off the residue left behind.

And voila! Brand spankin' new!