Chic Halloween Decor? Is it possible?

I typically do not decorate much for halloween, never have.  Orange doesn't really tie into my color scheme or fit in with my vintage glam decor.  And if you know much about me, everything has to "go" together! But this year I decided to try and incorporate some decorations into my home, mostly for the kids' sake, but on my terms.  I know, I know, I'm a bad mother for not letting them go crazy with their own decorations, coloring on the windows and draping spider webs everywhere.  I only have a couple years left of decorating the way I want before they start to have an opinion ;). One quick stop at Michael's and I had everything I needed to decorate the space you first see when you enter our home.   Some black flowers and a couple of black crows to add to my current vase, an antique frame with photo, a black candlebra and of course a potion bottle! Now I just need to find a spider to live in that web...

Did you notice the picture changed? Spooky!

Here are some other ideas for chic halloween decor...

Bats have never looked so good!

Love the painted antique frames

You can easily paint any pumpkin to match your decor, or try a paper mache project with pretty tissue paper. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Halloween!