Quick & Affordable Ways to Instantly Update your Bathroom

Whether you are selling or just tired of how dated your bathroom is, these are some great ways to instantly update the look and won't cost you a fortune. 1. Faucets - Say goodbye to the brass fixtures in your bathroom! Update your vanity with a brushed bronze, chrome or pewter faucet, depending on the color scheme and look you're going for.

2. Vanity Lighting - If you had a brass faucet, chances are pretty good that you also have a brass light fixture over your vanity.  And those huge ball shaped lights that look like they came from the backstage of a Vegas showgirl production.  Choose a light fixture in the same finish as the faucet you are going with.

3. Mirror - A lot of the bathrooms built in older homes have a big 'ol piece of mirror glued on to the wall behind the vanity.  You can really change the look of your bathroom by adding your own framed mirror to the wall.  You can choose a mirror in the same finish as your fixtures or do something with color or texture to add a stunning focal point to your bathroom.

4. Vanity - Change the look of your whole bathroom by painting the old oak and adding new door/drawer hardware. If your vanity is in great shape and you like the layout of your bathroom this is a great way to update the space and all it takes is a can of paint (make sure you get a paint that can stand up to the steam in the bathroom). Choose hardware in the same finish as the faucet.

5. Countertop - Home decor trends in the 70's and 80's were very vibrant and colorful. You very well could have a pink or purple counter top on that old vanity.  This makes it a little (ok a lot) tricky to coordinate your counter top with the updated color scheme you have chosen.  If it's a laminate counter top, you can pick out a new piece of laminate and have it glued right on top of the old one.  Otherwise you can remove the old top and have a new piece of counter top installed onto the vanity.

Here is a great example of a redo I found at centsationalgirl.com....

Look what a can of paint, new hardware, a mirror and new lighting can do!