Would you like cream with your coffee?

I love how this coffee corner turned out! In this client's home, we were faced with a corner in the kitchen that didn't really serve a purpose. The problem was, we really needed it to be used as a functional space because the kitchen was pretty small to start with.  We were lacking storage space, but most of all we were lacking counter space for items like the coffee maker and microwave.

So here's what we did with the space.....

coffee bar before

This is what we were dealing with before the reno, not very pretty or functional.

coffee bar afterAs you can see, we found the coffee maker and microwave the perfect home without sacrificing any counter space.  All the coffee and tea is stored in the drawers and everything you need to start your morning right is one place. The corner also got a lot cuter :)

What are some areas in your home that lack function or vision? I'll bet we can come up with a creative way to use that space just like we did here.


There are toys everywhere!!!

Ok, fellow mothers and fathers of little people, this is for you.  I don't know about you, but in my house, with a 2 yr old and 3 yr old, we have a lot of toys!  I have accepted the fact that there are going to be a lot of toys, and that they will be around for a long time.  I am not okay with the fact that all of these said toys were produced in only primary colors. I mean seriously, can just one toy fit in with my color scheme?  No? Okay, so that only leaves me with one option....concealed storage! It's especially important for us to have concealed storage right now with our house on the market.  Potential buyers don't want to see my kids stuff everywhere, especially if they don't have kids of their own.  I want them to be able to picture themselves having movie night cuddled up on the couch in front of the big screen, not feeling like they are at a daycare when there are toys everywhere.

How many of you are sick of looking at your kids toys everywhere?  Or maybe your house is on the market or you are considering selling in the near future. Here are some pretty and fun solutions for every room in the house.....

Our toys seem to migrate into every room, especially the living room.  I love the pretty lace basket, toys never looked so good.

My kids also like to keep some toys in their bedrooms.  That's fine and dandy except that they don't have a ton of room to store them.  In comes the storage bin that slides right under the bed.  Done and done.

The family room is where the majority of the toys are kept.  It's also the room where we relax and watch TV and where our office is.  It needs to function as all 3 spaces, so when playtime is over, I don't want to see any toys.  This cabinet is great for hidden storage and I like that you can add some decor to the open shelving.

I love these storage bags, very functional but oh so stylish.

The toys are here to stay, but they aren't going to stand in the way of how I decorate my home or affect the possible sale of my home.  For some other great ideas, shoot me an email and I would be happy to help!

Have a great weekend!