Staging Consult

We will meet with you in your home and complete an extensive walk through. We will prepare a comprehensive report of suggestions and recommendations on what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale.  This includes de-cluttering, removing personal items and memorabilia, painting (if necessary), general maintenance and cleaning, organizing and proper furniture placement to highlight your homes best features.   This type of service is great for hands-on homeowners willing to do a little work to get the most equity out of their home.


Staging & Showcasing

Once the Staging Consult has been completed, we can offer our staging and showcasing services.  During the consult we will determine the work that needs to be done in your home prior to listing and provide you with an exact quote for the staging.  If necessary, we will select paint colors and discuss any minor repairs that may need to be done prior to staging.  Then we will use your existing furnishings and accessories and transform your home to show off the best features for potential buyers.  We work on every room, inside and out, to maximize the appeal to your target market.  We can also provide artwork, decor, and textiles from our large rental inventory if necessary. This process takes 1 day to complete.   

Quote will be provided after the consult

Vacant Staging

Most people think that a vacant house should stay empty, this is not the case! Buyers need to be able to visualize their own furniture in the home, and they cannot do that when it is empty.  They do not get that personal connection to the house and can'’t envision themselves or their furniture living there.  We will take care of everything needed for a vacant stage. Project management, selecting inventory, arranging for rental furniture and accessories, staging and de-staging, delivery and pick up of furniture and anything else required. This process takes 1 day to complete.   

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Design Consult

Is it time to make your house your home? Time to update and renovate? Time to build a new dream house? We can help in all those cases. Any design project, big or small starts with a Design Consult. This service includes a design plan tailored to your style and needs, paint color selection, furniture layout, advice on finishings, and recommendations on the right people to get the job done. This process takes 1-2 hours.


Design Packages

Once we have completed the Design Consult we will provide you with a custom package and quote based on your design needs. All packages will include access to designer discounts at local and online retailers.

Quote provided after the Design Consult


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